Nico Ristorante

The North End Legend.

One of Zagat's Best Italian Restaurants in Boston

Deep within the aromatic enclave of Boston’s “Italian Restaurant Row”, our famed chef is prepping for tonight’s performance. Spices are smashed together. Wine-fueled flames are teased up to the heavens. And locally-sourced produce is ushered in through the rear entrance – in a manner not unlike many of their nightly boldfaced guests. 

“Nico is the North End”. In fact, that is exactly what many their obsessive followers declare when asked about their experience within the walls of the legendary haunt. “Things just happen at Nico”, says one patron. “Your table becomes a canvas of flavor”, professes another. 

Nico is an Italian Ristorante, Wine Bar and Lounge offering a standout menu of artfully sophisticated, yet approachable, surprises.