A Look at the Essential Foods of Antipasto

If you’ve never heard of it before, antipasto, or the first course of a traditional Italian meal, could be best likened to “appetizers” or “small bites” here in America. As is the case in most multi-course meals, the purpose of antipasto is to rouse your appetite before the main course. As such, antipasto typically consists of “small bites” and other bite-sized food items, the most common of which we’ll be discussing in today’s blog! To learn about the foods often seen in traditional antipasto, keep reading below for more information!


Nothing represents Italian cooking (and other Mediterranean cuisines, for that matter) as well as olives. Whether green or black, olives are loved by Italians and the world alike for their distinct, natural, yet flavorful taste. Another quality of olives is that they are very applicable, and can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes, or just on their own. Arguably, no antipasto platter is complete without the presence of olives, as they are truly one of the most appetizing foods.


While the word ‘prosciutto’ literally translates to “ham”, prosciutto is distinctly Italian, and not to be confused with other iterations of ham. Prosciutto is a simple, yet mouthwatering addition to any antipasto dish – most notably antipasto platters, charcuterie boards, and the likes. Much like olives, prosciutto pairs excellently with other foods, but can be enjoyed just as well on its own. In most antipasto, dishes, it is typically served with cheese, olives, and even other meats.


As it turns out, fruit belongs to antipasto just as much as any other food group! Grapes are universally known to be a great snack or appetizer on their own, but they are just as welcomed and appreciated in antipasto dishes. Despite this, eating grapes is not the only way Italians consume grapes, which leads to our next essential antipasto item …


What better way to get your taste buds excited than with a glass of wine? Antipasto is almost certain to pair excellently with wine – the simple, yet robust combination of antipasto and wine is sure to get your mouth watering. Perfect your starter course with either a red or white wine – you won’t regret it!

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