Antipasto Dishes You Might Not Have Heard Of

Antipasto is a beloved Italian culinary tradition that has spread in popularity across the world. Though the term itself originates from Latin and translates somewhere along the lines of “before the meal”, antipasto can perhaps be best described as the appetizers that you enjoy before a meal. While we have talked about popular antipasto dishes before on our blog, where we explored the likes of crostini, bruschetta, and marinated olives, in today’s blog, we wanted to take a look at the more obscure antipasto dishes that you may not have heard of. If that sounds interesting, continue reading below! Or, if you’re looking for fresh Italian-inspired cuisine in Boston’s historic North End, join us at Nico Ristorante! Make a reservation on our website or call us at 617-742-0404. 

Tuna Carpaccio

Given that most of Italy is surrounded by the ocean, more specifically the Mediterranean Sea, seafood is something that has made its way onto countless dishes in Italian cuisine. One example of this is Tuna Carpaccio, which is a popular antipasto dish enjoyed throughout Italy. Light and fresh, yet delicious, Tuna Carpaccio features raw tuna that is sliced and dressed with mild marinades and seasonings such as salt, pepper, lemon juice, and capers. Like many other antipasto dishes, there can be various additions or changes made to Carpaccio, including adding capers, which provide a strong yet pleasant boost of flavor. This dish is known to be particularly fresh and enjoyable in coastal towns and cities, thanks to its proximity to the sea. Consider enjoying this great antipasto dish at a restaurant that offers it, or prepare it for your next meal or gathering during the warmer months of the year.


A truly carnivorous antipasto dish, bresaola centers around an air-dried piece of beef that is sliced thinly. From there, it is seasoned with a light assortment of toppings, usually including lemon juice, parmesan, and extra virgin olive oil, though more ingredients can be added based on personal preference. Multiple unique flavors are brought to the table with this dish, making it one that is certainly with trying. Consider preparing it yourself or enjoying it at your next meal of Italian-inspired cuisine.

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