Best White Wines for Summer

As we move further into June, we are now just weeks away from the official start of summer – and when seasons change – food and drink tend to follow suit. Particularly in the summer, you’ll see people enjoying food and drink that they otherwise may not have in the colder months, and this sentiment can be especially true for drinks, more specifically wine. Whether or not you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, there’s no denying the satisfaction that can come with a glass of wine – enjoyed either with a meal or by itself. Combine that with the warm weather and you’ve got yourself a near-perfect scenario. In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring the best white wines for summer!

Why White Wine Is Favored

Though there are a number of different types of wine out there, we are going to focus only on the ‘white’ variety, as most people would consider it the best for the summer season. This is mostly due to the fact that white wine is oftentimes lighter, crispier, and more citrusy than its counterparts. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying other types of wine in the summer months, most would affirm that white wine is the ultimate wine for warmth.

Popular Types of White Wine

Like other wines, white wine comes in a multitude of different varieties and iterations. For example, Chardonnay stands out as perhaps the most popular type of white wine, and thanks to its citrusy aroma, it is enjoyed by countless Americans and the world alike each and every summer.

Another favorite, Pinot Grigio has grown from its Italian roots to become one of the world’s most beloved white wines. In this variety, consumers will notice subtle hints of pear and even apple, sending the message that it is a wine that is more than suitable for the summer.

Sauvignon Blanc is not to be left out of discussions about white wine, as it has captivated consumers with its dry yet distinct and citrusy quality, once again rendering it an ideal choice for all manner of summer rest and relaxation. Like any of the wines mentioned, Sauvignon can be paired excellently with quintessential summertime meals.

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