Canned Wine: Here to Stay or Gone Tomorrow?

Though we often associate ‘trends’ with the likes of entertainment and fashion, they can certainly rear their head in the culinary world. One particular trend, canned wine, has risen to prominence, and will likely continue to enjoy success in 2022. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at canned wine, and asking if it’s a trend that is gone tomorrow, or a phenomenon that is here to stay. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

Why Canned Wine is Popular

In Italian culture, there’s no doubt that wine is one of the most ubiquitous drinks, as it is served at meals, festivals, and virtually every type of social gathering and/or celebration.

As we all know, wine is typically distributed in glass bottles and poured into appropriate glasses to be enjoyed. However, canned wine is rewriting the rules by instead offering a convenient and portable single-use format that consumers can easily dispose of once finished. These benefits have made canned wine a hit with younger people and picnic enthusiasts alike, given that, arguably, it’s easier to enjoy than the traditional glass bottle format. This trend has also gained traction here in America, with most liquor stores now offering a canned wine option to consumers.

In addition to this, cans are the most suitable material for wines with low alcohol content. This particular trait also speaks to millennials and young people, as they have been shown to opt for healthier, less alcoholic beverages than preceding generations. A study from Beverage Daily reports that 66% of American millennials are actively trying to reduce their alcohol consumption, citing the health hazards that can come with drinking alcohol.

The Future of Canned Wine

While those who prefer to enjoy wine in its conventional way may scoff, there’s no denying the influence that young people can have on the consumer goods market, and it’s clear that they’ve taken a liking to canned wine. Although it’s highly unlikely that the conventional, glass bottle format of consuming wine will be out of fashion anytime soon, one should not count out canned wine just yet.

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