Creating Pasta From Scratch

When you think of Italian cuisine, chances are that the likes of pizza and pasta come to mind. In today’s blog, we’ll be focussing on the latter, pasta is perhaps the most essential and iconic food associated with Italian cuisine. Not only is pasta beloved by many in Italy but also across the world, and it is a staple dish found in countless restaurants here in America. While easy to enjoy, there is a fair amount of work that goes into making pasta from scratch, and that is precisely the focus of today’s blog post. We’ll be taking a closer look at creating pasta from scratch – keep reading below for more information!

Starting From Scratch

All pasta begins with a common denominator: flour, and eggs. If you are making pasta from scratch, there are two commonly used types of flour all-purpose flour and semolina flour, both of which will bring a distinct flavor and texture to the pasta. Some time after mixing them together, the dough should start to form.

Kneading & Further Steps

Once the pasta dough is formed, it should be kneaded to the elasticity that you’re looking for. Once you’re doing kneading, it is recommended that the dough sit out for a moment so that the gluten can form.

Cutting & Shaping the Pasta

This is the fun part – when the pasta is cut and/or molded into the desired shape. First, the pasta is usually rolled flat with the help of a pasta machine or rolling pin. From there, it is then cut into a distinct pasta shape, which can include spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine, angel hair, and more. More unique pasta shapes, such as ravioli or tortellini will likely require more shaping and molding.

Cook & Serve!

Once the pasta is cut and prepared for cooking, it is then boiled and served! Pasta can be topped with a wide variety of sauces and seasonings, including tomato-based sauce, pesto, olive oil, garlic, and more.

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