Experience Fall Foliage in Boston

Without a doubt, fall is a quintessential season in New England. The area is renowned for it’s plentiful offering of foliage, complimented by apple picking, hayrides, and all manner of seasonal camaraderie. Though there is plenty of foliage throughout all of New England, here in the city of Boston, you can enjoy beautiful scenery in addition to all of the other shops, restaurants, and entertainment the city has to offer! Whether you’re visiting for a day, or an entire weekend, we can give you some tips for a proper foliage experience here in Boston. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below to learn more!

Where To Find Foliage

You don’t have to be a photographer to appreciate the beautiful, natural scenes of New England in the fall. Though Boston is a urban area with clusters of tall buildings, fortunately, there is plenty of natural beauty to be discovered.

Boston Public Garden

Starting with what is arguably the city’s most popular public space, Boston Public Garden is home to vibrant colors and serene natural beauty that is well worth any visit. It is also home to the Lagoon, which remains to be hotspot of all photographical means. The Public Garden is located conveniently as well, right in the heart of the city and adjacent to the shops of Newbury Street, The Charles River Esplanade, and Boston Common. Speaking of Boston Common …

Boston Common

Located just steps away from the Public Garden is Boston Common – you could even argue that the two are the same entity. Nevertheless, Boston Common provides a substantial amount of space for visitors to enjoy the fall scenes, with a plethora of trees that change color during the fall months. Also a beautiful spot for all manner of photography, the Common is perhaps the city’s flagship park. There is no doubt that Boston Common is a bonafide destination for visitors during the fall months.

Charles River Esplanade

Though parks such as the Common and Public Garden are beautiful in their own right, few scenes are as stunning as the ones seen at the Esplanade, overlooking the Charles River. Trees growing along the shoreline switch color in accordance with the seasonal change, leaving visitors with breathtaking scenes and excellent backdrops for photographs. Luckily, the Esplanade is not terribly far from the previously mentioned sites, making travel between these spots relatively easy.

Looking For A Meal After Exploring Foliage?

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