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Exploring Types of Italian Coffee

Coffee is the lifeblood of many across the world. Each morning, afternoon, and evening can be thoroughly improved with a good cup of coffee, and this is especially true for Italians and Americans alike. If you are looking to travel to Italy, or if you’re interested in learning more about Italian coffee types, take a look at this brief guide below.


If you were looking for a shot of espresso in Italy, this is what you would order. You can expect a rich, robust flavor from this drink. Since Italians prefer dark-roasted coffee beans, you’ll immediately notice the strong flavor profile upon sipping. Caffè will come in a small cup, but don’t feel like you have to shoot this drink as you would an alcoholic shot. Sip on it for a few minutes and enjoy the caffeine boost.


Cappuccino is beloved in Italy and abroad due to its simplicity and pleasing aesthetic. Espresso is brewed in a large coffee cup with plenty of space for steaming hot milk, accompanied by its signature foam. The foam will usually be in the middle of the beverage, looking pillowy soft and oh-so-inviting. Feel free to top off your cappuccino with cocoa powder or a pinch of cinnamon for a luxurious effect.


An Americano is one of the simplest beverages you can ask for. It is just equal parts hot water and espresso. If you’d like, you can request the drink to be 75% espresso and 25% water. It is said that this drink came from the WWII era. American soldiers were looking for their traditional drip coffee beverage, and to mimic the subdued flavor of American coffee, Italians diluted their espresso with hot water. This is a great option for those who enjoy black coffee and want a more substantial hot beverage to sip on.


If you’re from the United States, there can be a bit of confusion when it comes to ordering a macchiato. A traditional macchiato, which translates to “stained” from Italian, is a small, hot espresso drink with a little bit of steamed milk. In the US, many people choose iced coffee over hot coffee. If you order from common chain coffee shops, you’ll notice an iced macchiato has an abundance of milk at the bottom and the espresso poured gently on top. So, when dining in Italy, you should expect your macchiato to have just a pinch of milk and to be a relatively small drink.

Caffe latte

Much like a cappuccino, a caffe latte contains steamed milk and espresso. This drink comes in a larger cup than a cappuccino. Unline a cappuccino, there isn’t a lot of foam with a caffe latte. Many folks love a caffe latte for the optional decorative art embossed in its foam. You can add pretty much any design you want, from a swan to a gorgeous flower. Top off your creation with a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon for an extra pop of flavor

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