Hanover Street: The North End’s Bustling Restaurant Row

We at Nico Boston are proud to be located in Boston’s historic North End, but we admit that we are far from the only restaurant of our kind. We are located on Hanover Street, arguably the North End’s premier street for eclectic restaurants, bars, and cafes – most of which offer Italian-inspired cuisine. By walking down Hanover Street, one can experience the immense charm, historical value, and character that the neighborhood has to offer. Are you planning on visiting the North End anytime soon? If so, consider dining with us at Nico! Make a reservation through our website or call us at 617-742-0404.

Hanover Street – The North End’s Main Street

If there’s one thing to say about the North End, it’s that it is truly a unique neighborhood. Its character is reminiscent of Boston’s early days as a colonial settlement, given its dense, Old-World feel, where the streets are lined with restaurants, marketplaces, cafes, shops, and more. The neighborhood is also distinctively walkable, allowing visitors the opportunity to wander from place to place around on foot. Whether you’re looking to enjoy an elegant meal on a weekend night, or perhaps a casual cafe date, the North End – or even just Hanover Street – has you more than covered! If you find yourself interested in excellent Italian cuisine, consider visiting us here at Nico Boston! Make a reservation through our website or call us at 617-742-0404 – we look forward to seeing you here.

Looking for Great Italian Food and Wine in the North End? Visit Nico!

Nico Boston offers a diverse menu of delectable Italian entrees and a variety of quality wines. If you’re looking to pair a delicious meal with the perfect wine – Nico is your place! We are located at 417 Hanover Street in Boston’s historic North End. Give us a call today at (617) 742-0404 or make your reservation online. We look forward to serving you!

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