Italian-Inspired Christmas Traditions

With our eclectic menu of Italian-inspired fare, we at Nico Boston have been associated with all things Italian since the day we opened our doors here in Boston’s historic North End. In keeping with our Italian-American roots, and in celebration of the holiday season, today we’ll be looking at popular Christimas traditions that originated from Italy. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information – or if you’re looking for a fantastic, elegant Italian meal in Boston’s North End, make a reservation with us at Nico Ristorante! Call us at 617-742-0404 or email us at for more information.

Feast of the Seven Fishes

Better known by Italians as festa dei sette pesci, this traditional Christmas celebration is a feast centered around – as you might have guessed – seafood. Typically enjoyed on Christmas Eve, this seven-course meal aligns with the Roman Catholic abstention from eating meat on the night before Christmas. In a typical feast of the seven fishes, you can expect to see all manner of seafood prepared in different ways.

Midnight Mass

As a nation with strong connections to Roman Catholicism, many Italian families attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve, typically after eating dinner. The Vatican is noted to host an elaborate, free-to-attend midnight service.

Skiing at Midnight

Perhaps a more niche way to celebrate the holidays, many Italians in the Alps partake in midnight skiing on Christmas Eve as a way to welcome the holiday.

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