Italian Wines for Colder Weather

Now, as we move further into the fall season, temperatures are starting to get colder and colder. Here at Nico Ristorante, where we serve eclectic Italian-inspired cuisine, today we’ll be taking a closer look at Italian wines that are perfect for the colder months ahead. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below, or join us at our Italian restaurant in Boston’s historic North End! Call 617-742-0404 or book your reservation through our website. We look forward to seeing you here for a delicious and elegant Italian-inspired meal!


Typically, the colder months of the year call for bolder, richer, and even heavier tastes. These characteristics can be used to describe Barolo, a popular wine that originated from Piedmont, a region located in Northern Italy. Barolo is made from the nebbiolo grape which can be commonly found in vineyards throughout the region and is renowned for its robust and bold taste, which tends to pair well with dining in the colder months. Consider checking out Barolo wine and enjoying it with an Italian meal during the upcoming fall or winter seasons!


The next wine on our list is Chianti, which continues many of the trends established by Barolo. A red wine, Chianti is also know for its bold, and full-bodied taste, which makes it an excellent choice for those colder months of the year. Chianti hails from central Italy, more specifically the region of Tuscany, and it has since gone on to be one of the most beloved wines in both Italy and the world alike.

Amarone della Valpolichella

Amarone della Valpolichella, or simply Amarone for short, is another excellent option for wine when temperatures are chilly. This iteration of wine comes from the Veneto region of Italy, which is also home to the city of Venice. Like the other wines mentioned, Amarone has a bold taste to it, in addition to having a distinct dryness. It originates from the Corvina grape and is one of Veneto’s most celebrated wines.

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