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Must Try Italian Dishes

Italian cuisine is rich and full of flavor, it is something everyone loves! Italian dishes are highly loveable as they are filled with fresh, delicious, and authentic ingredients. Italian dishes serve you with items from classic pizzas to complex pasta dishes, antipasti, and more! In this post you will learn of some must-try Italian dishes that are served at Nico Ristorante in Boston’s North End!

Parmesan Wheel

Nico Ristorante is serving up the North End’s only Cacio E Pepe Parmesan wheel! This is an all new experience that brings you a table-side experience of pasta being spun and melted into a parmesan wheel! This dish is not only delicious but it is highly entertaining. Cacio E Pepe is a must-try Italian dish, especially when offered in a table-side experience!

Rigatoni Alla Vodka

A delicious pasta dish packed with flavor you’ll love. The rigatoni alla vodka Italian dish is “Nico’s favorite” served with sweet Italian sausage, and fresh ricotta tossed in a delicious vodka sauce! This is a dish you have to try while visiting Nico Ristorante.

Vongole Fra Diavolo

“Franky D’s Favorite”, an Italian dish made with the mouth-watering ingredients of: linguine, littleneck clams, tossed in a spicy tomato sauce. Fra Diavolo is a highly popular Italian dish that needs to be tried!

Spaghetti Carbonara

Another well-known Italian dish that is served up in the North End at Nico Ristorante. Served with spaghetti, guanciale, English peas, scallion, egg yolk, and toasted bread crumbs, all tossed in a creamy, carbonara sauce!

Pollo Saltimbocca

“Eddie’s Favorite”, this Italian dish is packed with flavor and filled with the ingredients: stuffed chicken breast, confit legs, pesto potatoes, asparagus, and mushroom marsala! Another favorite Italian dish that is served up daily at Nico Ristorante.

Visit Nico Ristorante Today

Our team at Nico Ristorante in Boston’s North End serves up must-try Italian dishes daily! Above are just a few of many popular Italian dished being served. Get a taste of Italian cuisine with us. You can view our menu online before planning your visit. Contact us today by giving us a call at (617) 742-0404 or by booking a reservation online! We look forward to serving you!


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