Our Favorite Appetizers

Every great meal begins with the perfect appetizer. Before your main course, indulge in a delicious small dish to stimulate your appetite! Appetizers can be shared with others or you can enjoy them all to yourself. Continue reading to learn about our favorite appetizers at Nico Boston!

Lobster & Tomato Arancini

First, this classic Italian appetizer has a unique, delicious twist! We’re serving up fried rice balls (arancini) with lobster, tomato sauce, parmesan crema, and crispy basil! If you enjoy warm, crispy arancini and lobster this is the perfect appetizer for you!

Fritto di Calamari

This is well known starter for a reason. Fritto di Calamari serves you crispy calamari with cherry peppers, garlic butter, and truffle aioli! The delicious, golden crispiness of the calamari paired with the freshness of cherry peppers, butter, or aioli is a favorite appetizer option.

Mussels & Clams

Seafood is always a great choice, especially mussels and clams! Our mussels and clams appetizer is served in white wine, sofrito, parsley, and lemon.

La Romana

An appetizer staple is a good Caesar salad. La Romana is made with romaine lettuce, homemade Caesar dressing, garlic breadcrumbs, and parmigiana. If you’re looking for a lighter appetizer before your main course this is the perfect choice!

Mamma Rosetta’s Famous Meatball

Nico Boston’s meatballs are made to perfection with wild mushrooms, parmigiana, pomodoro sauce, and whipped ricotta. Mamma Rosetta’s meatballs aren’t called famous for nothing, this is a must try, favorite appetizer!

Antipasto all’ Italiano

A favorite appetizer to share with others, Antipasto all’ Italiano. This delicious appetizer is served with assorted fine Italian cheeses and salami. It’s hard to pass up on fine Italian cheeses when you have the opportunity!


Last but certainly not least, Caprese. This well known Italian dish is a popular appetizer choice. Made with buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, EVOO, pesto aioli, and aged balsamic. These fresh ingredients make for a perfect, juicy, and savory appetizer.

Try Our Favorite Appetizers at Nico Boston

Head to Nico Boston in the North End to indulge in our favorite appetizers! Beyond our favorite appetizers there are plenty of classic Italian dishes to choose from. We recommend you try some of our favorite appetizers, and more! You can view our dinner menu here to see more delicious options. Make a reservation now or call us at (617) 742-0404 to dine with us!

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