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Pasta Shapes That Aren’t Well-Known

Though it may go without saying, pasta is one of the most iconic foods in the world and one that enjoys countless variations, particularly in the form of pasta shapes. When you think of spaghetti, for example, its image may immediately conjure in your mind, as it is certainly one of the most well-known pasta shapes out there. However, the same may not apply to mafaldine or gemelli, for example, which are two lesser-known pasta shapes. In today’s blog, we’ll be shining a light on pasta shapes that don’t enjoy as much popularity as we believe they should. Keep reading below for more information, or join us at Nico Ristorante for a stellar Italian-inspired meal in Boston’s Historic End. 


The length of this pasta makes it akin to linguine or even tagliatelle, but it is distinguishable for its ribbony appearance. Mafaldine goes excellently with heavier meat-based sauces. Give mafaldine a shot the next time you cook a pasta meal!


This cute, ‘O’-shaped pasta is perhaps best known here in America as the pasta used in Spaghetti-O canned dinners. Since they are thin and small, anelli may be best paired with thinner sauces and even soup broth.


Perhaps best described as a thinner and more dense version of fusilli, gemelli is surely an underrated type of pasta. Much like fusilli, gemelli pairs well with sauces that are on the lighter side, as the pasta’s texture helps to pick up the sauce. Definitely consider giving gemelli a try for your next pasta dish!

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