Popular Antipasto Dishes

Whether you would describe them as appetizers, small bites, or starters, in Italian culture, antipasto is an integral part of the cuisine. It is – or consists of – light dishes that are typically enjoyed before the main course of a meal. Though first conceived in Italy, the concept of antipasto has since been enjoyed all over the world, including at Italian-inspired restaurants and eateries here in the United States. As is the case with many other Italian dishes such as pizza or pasta, there are many ways to prepare antipasto, as it is customizable to one’s unique preferences and tastes. However, in today’s blog, we’ll be looking at the most popular antipasto dishes that are enjoyed in Italy. Keep reading below for more!


One could argue that the beauty of crostini is in its simplicity, as it is a grilled/toasted slice of bread that is topped with various cheeses, spreads, cured meats, and other delicious add-ons. Crostini is an ideal choice to arouse your appetite before a meal, offering a taste that can be rustic, savory, and/or sweet. Especially if you are considering making antipasto for your own occasion, you likely will not go wrong with crostini, as this small bite is beloved by many both here in America and in Italy.


Similar to crostini in the fact that it is served on toasted or grilled bread, bruschetta usually includes a combination of extra-virgin olive oil, freshly sliced tomatoes, garlic, basil, and other ingredients added for taste. Though customizable like many other antipasto dishes, bruschetta will typically have a strong and fresh taste, thanks to the garlic and fresh sliced tomatoes, respectively. Consider making this incredibly popular antipasto at your next meal or gathering at home!


Olives are not only an essential food of Italian cuisine but a number of other Mediterranean cuisines as well. There are, in fact, many reasons to love olives, as they have a strong taste and even a number of health benefits. When it comes to antipasto, it only makes sense that olives make an appearance, as they are dressed in various seasonings like garlic and olive oil.

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