Popular Gelato Flavors to Try

When you think of the most popular foods in Italian cuisine, you may think of pizza, pasta, or a sweet treat that is perhaps best enjoyed during the summertime, gelato. In addition to being sweet, and a great choice for dessert, gelato is also a very diverse food, more specifically, it comes in many unique flavors and varieties. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the most popular and common gelato flavors – enjoyed by both Italians and many across the world. To learn more, keep reading below!


Much like the ice cream that we love here in America, gelato has its fair share of chocolate, too. However, the popular Stracciatella variety isn’t identical to the chocolate ice cream flavor that we know and love in America. Stracciatella begins with a milk-based gelato that is similar in taste to vanilla ice cream, though recipes can differ significantly. Then, it is topped with small chocolate shavings. This flavor was introduced in the 1960s in Italy and has since become a staple flavor of gelato that can be found at gelaterias in both Italy and across the world.


Also featured in the sweet and popular Italian spread Nutella, the hazelnut has made its way into the gelato world as well. The hazelnut flavor, as one would expect, has a nutty taste to it in addition to hints of sweetness, as is common in gelato. Hazelnut is a very popular flavor in Italy for being a delicious and creamy option. It is a no-fail option that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.


If you’re looking for a more fruity type of gelato, then you can’t go wrong with lemon gelato, a staple of countless gelato shops across Italy and the world alike. While most of us are familiar with the taste of lemon, lemon gelato offers a creamy, refreshing, and truly satisfying twist on it. If you like the taste of fruit in your desserts, consider the great taste of lemon gelato the next time you go to a gelato shop!

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