Popular Italian Summertime Dishes

With heat waves taking shape across the nation and world as a whole, it seems that the summer heat is nearly ubiquitous. There are, however, ways that you can try to beat the heat – for example, cold drinks, air conditioning, or in the case of today’s blog, foods. Here at Nico Ristorante, where we serve Italian-inspired cuisine in Boston’s historic North End, it makes sense that today we’ll be looking at Italian-inspired foods that might help you beat the heat this summer. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information.


Depending on your sweet tooth, we may not have to tell you twice to enjoy gelato. Incredibly sweet, and served cold, gelato is a beloved dessert among Italians and the whole world alike. Gelato is easy to enjoy and comes in a variety of unique flavors. Popular variations of gelato include vanilla, hazelnut, and lemon, though there are many more out there for you to discover. If you’re looking for the perfect ‘sweet treat’ after a meal, look no further than gelato.


There are few dishes that combine lightness and robust taste quite like Bruschetta. Comprised of simple ingredients, bruschetta has become a favorite appetizer and/or antipasto both in Italy and across the world. Bruschetta is made from chopped tomatoes, basil, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil, and is usually served atop grilled bread. Consider enjoying this great dish for your next Italian-inspired meal during the summertime!

Caprese Salad

Like Bruschetta, caprese salad is simple in concept, yet big in taste. Caprese Salad is usually made from slice tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil, and topped with balsamic glaze and extra virgin olive oil. We would argue that there are very few dishes that represent the summer season quite as well as Caprese salad. You won’t go wrong by ordering it – or even preparing it – for your next Italian-inspired meal. It is lightweight, great when fresh, and perfect to be enjoyed during the warmer months of the year.

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