Saint Anthony’s Feast Set for August 25-28, 2022

The North End’s premier celebration of Italian culture, Saint Anthony’s Feast, will take place August 25-28 this year, its second year in person since the COVID-19 pandemic and its 103rd overall. For these three days, streets in the North End are guaranteed to be full of eating, drinking, and all manner of celebrations in honor of Saint Anthony.

The story of Saint Anthony’s Feast begins in 1919, when Italian immigrants from Montefalcione, a small village in the Avellino province, congregated yearly in honor of Anthony of Padua, better known as Saint Anthony. Anthony was a Portuguese-born catholic priest who spent the later years of his life in Italy, eventually dying in the city of Padua. His legacy remains especially strong here in New England, thanks to the enduring relevance of Saint Anthony’s Feast among Italian-Americans.

Hence the name, Saint Anthony’s Feast mainly centers itself around food and drink and is where all types of Italian and Italian-inspired foods take the center stage. Walking around public Feast celebrations, it’s common to see anything and everything related to Italian cuisine; pizza, pasta, seafood, cannoli, and more! In addition to the immense cooking and eating, Saint Anthony’s Feast often consists of parades, live performances, and other forms of entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy.

This August 25-28th, come down to Boston’s North End to partake in a lasting Italian-American tradition, Saint Anthony’s Feast. While you’re here, visit us at Nico Boston for delicious Italian food and drink!

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