Summer Travel Is Canceled But Cocktails Are Not

Your summer vacation had been planned for months, you went out and bought a new wardrobe that you were ready to unveil the second you got off the plane, and you had already thought of your social media captions for all your posts. The world has other plans for you: sheltering responsibly at home social distancing.  Now the only trip you’re taking is to the kitchen calendar to put a giant red ‘X’ through the week labeled “vacation.”The feeling of having your plans upended as try to dig your way out of sadness at spoiled plans. These cocktails, will have you feeling like you are on your classic vacation getaway, take a little work in the kitchen or a visit down to Nico and a touch of imagination, but if you play along and throw on an accompanying playlist, looking at that red ‘X’ won’t be so bad after all.


Italian Sunrise 

For those who take the family down to Florida to see their favorite TV characters, this might remind you of the pineapple treat in Aloha Isle. Our Crusan coconut, Cruzan Mango, Pineapple, Orange,  and Splash of Grenadine this drink will make the whole family feel the at-home vacation vibes.


Aperol Spritz

For those missing out on a European vacation, maybe to Italy, this spritz will have you feeling inspired to re-download that language app and head down to the North End and enjoy Italian cuisine. There’s nothing quite like holding the map of an ancient city and putting miles on your new walking shoes as you look around at weathered architecture, stubbing your toe on cobbled streets. Or peering down alleyways at carts, and shops, and two chairs at an angle with seated elders of the town conversing over coffee and a pastry. One sip and it will feel like you are right there in Italy.


Pink Lemonade

Was a cruise this year’s vacation? The easy one-stop-all for seeing all the islands. If the backdrop of your phone is you and your spouse petting a dolphin while wearing life jackets, you’re missing out on 2020’s cruise line voyage on the high seas and could use a little reminder that you’ll make it back there soon enough. Pink Lemonade will give your body the jolt it needs to walk outside as if you’re on the deck ready to get a sunburn.

Marina’s Mojito

If you had to postpone your beach vacation, you’ll want to keep your blender on the counter or a stroll to North End as you mix up the tropical freshness. Ah, the beach vacation. For so many, it is the most idyllic version of splendor, awarded to those fortunate enough to get five to 12 days off in a row.  Few things compare to the routine of heading toward the water with your beach bag in tow to find a place beneath the sun, retreating for dinner, then making your way back out for a walk under the moon as you listen to sounds you can usually only find in a playlist called Ocean Wave Sounds 1-Hour. Mix up the tropical freshness of Don Q Mojito Rum, fresh lime, and mint.


If you were able to rearrange your life or put it on hold for a few months, take a trip down to the North End again. It’s been a long time since you visited. Think about the memories you’ve made at Nico. It’s time to enjoy those times again.

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