The Most Popular Italian Seafood Dishes

Here at Nico Ristorante, an Italian-inspired restaurant located in Boston’s historic North End, it only makes sense that our menu contains multiple dishes that feature seafood. Given that Italy itself is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, it is also no wonder why seafood is commonly associated with Italian cooking. Over the course of its history, Italian cuisine has seen seafood prepared in a number of unique ways. However, no matter how it is prepared, seafood is almost always delicious and has a definite home in Italian cooking. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at the most notable seafood-related dishes to come out of Italy. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below!

Fritto Misto

While fritto misto is undeniably delicious, especially if you consider yourself a fan of shrimp or squid, it is a dish that is far from uniform, and can vary heavily depending on which region of Italy you are in. The dish usually consists of shrimp, squid, and some type of small fish like anchovies, sardines, and the like, and can include a wide variety of different seasonings and other ingredients.


The Tuscany region of Italy is credited for this tomato-based stew that has a variety of seafood, including squid, octopus, mussels, prawns, and others. Typically served with bread, this dish will make your mouth water with its savory allure. 


Another tomato-based stew, brodetto will typically feature squid, mussels, and/or shrimp, and is given more flavor by ingredients such as salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic, and others. Much like the aforementioned fritto misto, brodetto can be served in a multitude of different ways across Italy depending on the region.

Acqua Pazza

A traditional dish beloved among tourists and Italians alike, acqua pazza even predates Italy’s unification, as its origins can be traced back to Medieval times. Like much of Italian cuisine, acqua pazza is relatively simple, yet delicious.

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