The Most Refreshing Drinks You Can Make This 4th of July

Fourth of July 2020 is something different this year. The usual Fourth of July festivities we look forward to each summer — the fireworks, parades, large barbecues with family and friends — aren’t so usual this year. We’re still going to celebrate, though! There’s no doubt about that. So yes, even if your gathering is just with whoever you live with, you should definitely make something festive and refreshing to drink. Peak summer calls for icy-cold refreshments, and as different as this year is, the same rule applies. Whatever your frozen cocktail of choice is these Fourth of July drinks are just right for the occasion, no matter what the day ends up bringing. Pick your favorite and use it to celebrate in your own way this year.


Strega’s Sangria

The power of sangria is amazing.  It feels fancy and instantly festive but keeping it classic. You’ll have a very happy, happy hour in no time. This refreshing sangria, made with red wine, three olives citrus, peach schnapps, and fresh fruit.


North End Negroni

The Negroni is a perfect combination of North End’s own gin, sweet vermouth, prosecco float, and Campari — usually in equal parts. It isn’t the tamest of cocktails. They veer much more towards bitter and aromatic than sweet, but they are more refreshing in the summer.


Marina’s Mojito

A very summery cocktail.  It’s a concoction of mint, fresh lime, and don Q mojito rum.  It’s a little sweet, a little bitter, and totally, totally refreshing. Looking for something tall, cool,  and thirst-quenching this mojito is it. Light and refreshing and not too boozy. Perfect for a late summer afternoon.


Pink Lemonade

Hot days, along with a thirst that needs to be constantly quenched. With so much uncertainty around how we get to spend our summer this year, there is one thing that will surely help get us through: a tall glass of cold, refreshing lemonade. Sipping icy-cold sweet lemonade on a blazing-hot summer day is one of life’s finest pleasures. As for serving instructions, three olives citrus, strawberry puree, lemonade, tall glass, extra ice, and a sunny patio are recommended.


Italian Sunrise

The most refreshing, crave-worthy cocktail. While this cocktail looks fancy this cocktail brings pineapple and orange lightness. Maybe start with one and see how bottomless your day drinking is going to go.


Cheers, and a happy 4th of July. Enjoy your fourth of July weekend with some of your favorite Nico cocktails.

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