burrata salad with cherry tomatoes

What Is Burrata?

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh bite of cheese to make your day. At Nico, we know how important it is to serve high-quality cheeses with our dishes. Burrata is one of the most popular cheeses out there, boasting a smooth texture and an aesthetically pleasing unveiling when you cut into it. So, what exactly is burrata, and why is it so beloved in Italy and across the world? We’ll dig into the history and flavor of this cheese to give you a little more insight into what makes it so widely appreciated.

Where Does Burrata Come From?

One of the best parts about burrata’s conception is that it was created as a means of recycling leftover mozzarella. However, the true inventor of the cheese is often disputed. In the 1920s, cheesemaker Lorenzo Bianchino Chieppa reportedly brought the cheese to life, but many disagreed, claiming cheesemakers in the Italian comune of Andria were the first to make this creamy pouch of goodness.

The process of making this cheese is arduous and is definitely a labor of love. Burrata can be made with cow’s milk, but ideally, it is made with the milk of the water buffalo. Cheesemongers, such as Angela Asseliti of Caseificio Asseliti e De Fato, have reported that, when they first started making burrata, the process would take all day. The cows would graze and be milked in the early morning, the burrata would be formed, brined, preserved, and then shipped via horse to rich and important buyers. Thankfully, burrata is a bit easier to make and ship now, allowing the average individual to access this cheese in restaurants and grocery stores if they please.

What Does Burrata Taste Like?

The major signifier of great burrata is its creamy texture. This mouthfeel, combined with its milky sweetness, offers an incredible bite every time. To create burrata, cheesemongers formed and stretched a ball of mozzarella, filling it with stracciatella, which is leftover shredded mozzarella and delicious heavy cream. When cutting into burrata, you will immediately see the stracciatella spilling out onto the plate, allowing you to mop it up with any food item of your choosing.

What Can Be Paired With Burrata?

At Nico, we pair burrata with prosciutto, confit garlic tomatoes, aged balsamic, and basil. These flavors work well together – you have a creamy, savory dish with a hint of tang from the balsamic glaze. Burrata can work well on pizza too, especially a crispy flatbread that won’t be soaked by the heavy cream. Consider baking or roasting burrata with hot honey peaches or figs for a dessert-quality appetizer you’ll keep returning to time and time again.

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