waiter adding pasta from a pan to a cheese wheel

What Makes Pasta From a Cheese Wheel Special?

There’s nothing more comforting than a pasta dinner. No matter the complexity of the dish, there’s something about the perfect bite of pasta, sauce, and cheese that offers satisfaction like no other. If you’re looking for a meal that combines artistry, technique, and luxury, then cheese wheel pasta should be at the top of your must-try list.

How is Pasta Made in a Cheese Wheel?

The making of cheese wheel pasta isn’t too far off from traditional pasta recipes. First, the cheese wheel is hollowed out to make room for the piping-hot pasta. Then, the actual pasta is cooked until al dente. You can use any pasta you’d like, but spaghetti is preferable, as it allows you to mop up as much cheese as you’d like. The inside of the cheese wheel will be slightly melted with a flame for the creamiest result. Combined with the hot pasta and a little bit of the starchy cooking liquid, the cheese inside the hollowed out wheel becomes a delectable sauce.

What Type of Cheese Is Used?

Though cheese wheel pasta is anything but “traditional”, Parmesan cheese tends to be used the most. However, for many recipes, you can use whatever hard cheese you’d like! To get the best flavor, you want to choose a cheese that has the perfect salt content with just a bit of funk. Since recipes like cacio e pepe are the most common cheese wheel pasta choices, the cheese is truly the hero. This means there are very few ingredients in the recipe to enhance the flavor, so you should always opt for a cheese that has a strong flavor and rich taste.

Can I Make Cheese Wheel Pasta at Home?

Yes, you can absolutely make cheese wheel pasta at home! You should always use real Italian Parmesan cheese in your pasta to capture the most authentic flavors. A cheese wheel can go from $115 to $3,000, depending on the size. Remember, you don’t always have to get the biggest wheel! If you’re serving a dinner party, assess your guest count and purchase accordingly.

To add a citrusy bite to your pasta, you can toss the spaghetti in a butter and wine reduction before adding it to the cheese wheel. Once your spaghetti is sufficiently covered in as much cheese as you’d like, you can top your personal plate with some freshly cracked black pepper or green onions.

Enjoy Our Table-Side Cheese Wheel Pasta at Nico

At Nico, you can see the entire cheese wheel pasta making experience right at your table. One of our esteemed chefs will guide you through the process from start to finish. The result? A hot plate of rich and creamy pasta that downright melts in your mouth. This is the perfect meal for a celebratory occasion.

To join in on the fun, come visit us at Nico Ristorante today. Book a reservation with us for a dinner to remember.

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