What Pasta to Serve at Christmas Dinner

Do you want to know the best pasta dishes to serve for Christmas dinner? Sometimes you need the inspiration to start your thought process. There’s no need to stress this year about making all your guests happy this Christmas dinner—with our very best Christmas pasta, you’ll have the most unforgettable Christmas menu. At Nico Ristorante, we’ve compiled our all-time favorite pasta from our Primi Piatti menu so that you have everything you need to make a crowd-pleasing feast. 


Spaghetti con Polpetta


Give your picky guests a comfortable class with a twist. Spaghetti con Polpetta, no doubt one of the best pasta dinners you can have. Casual yet sophisticated, this pasta dish is sure to please the entire family. Who isn’t a sucker for meatballs? Next time you’re craving spaghetti try our Spaghetti con Polpetta dish served with our famous Calabrese meatball, San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil, and ricotta.


Linguine Alle Vongole Veraci


Of all the delicious seafood pasta, linguine alle Vongole is an all-time favorite. The briny juices from the clams help to flavor the linguine and your choice of sauce—the fresher the clams, the better the dish. At Nico, we give the option of scampi or Fra Diavolo sauce with littleneck clams. 


Rigatoni con Carciofi e Salsicca


Pasta with artichokes and sausage is delicious and rich. Artichokes are an essential ingredient of Italian cuisine. Creamy, tasty pasta, and easy to prepare. What more could you ask for? Not a fan of a creamy sauce, try our version with plum tomato sauce. 


Gnocchi Sorrentina


Gnocchi Sorrentina is a mouthwatering dish. If you haven’t had gnocchi before, you don’t know what you are missing. Gnocchi Sorrentina won’t hold you up in the kitchen, its a more straightforward dish to make. You won’t be able to resist the fresh flavourful tomatoes and creamy buffalo mozzarella. As the cheese melts into the sauce, it binds together with gooey cheesy strings of a perfect combination of hearty comfort food and the flavors similar to Nonna’s cooking.


Ravioli ai Funghi Porcini


Fresh porcini mushrooms are hard to find but pair nicely with ravioli. The mushroom taste adds a woodsy flavor to the ravioli. All you need to top off the ravioli is with truffle sauce. 



At Nico Ristorante, we have a feeling these dishes will make December 25 tastier than ever before, for a memorable holiday feast serve these Christmas dinner pasta recipes. Impress all your guests and eat until you can’t anymore. Leave it up to us to do the cooking and visit us for dinner and try any of these dishes on our dinner menu. 

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