Who Was Saint Anthony?

Summer is a season of outdoor activities, entertainment, and more. What better way to enjoy the season than with Italian-American celebrations in the North End? Fortunately, this upcoming summer will have no shortage of activities, namely, the iconic Saint Anthony’s Feast, held August 25-28 this year. Though the feast itself is well-known, little is in fact known about the namesake of the feast, Saint Anthony of Padua. In this blog, we plan to change that, as we take a look at the life and legacy of Saint Anthony.

Birth & Beginnings

Saint Anthony of Padua was born on August 15, 1195, in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Raised in a wealthy family, he quickly became educated in faith, and in 1212, he moved to Coimbra, Portugal, to pursue his interest in theology. Shortly after, he joined the then-new Franciscan Order, which remains one of the oldest orders of the Catholic Church.

His Arrival in Italy

As a young adult, Anthony set out for Morocco for a religious vocation, however, became severely ill upon arrival. Seeking to restore his health, Anthony returned to his native Portugal, only for his ship to be blown off course – delivering him on the island of Sicily. In Italy, Anthony grew as a member of the clergy, preaching at a number of religious institutions, and captivating audiences. Despite his sickness, Anthony became a resilient figure amongst Catholics and the public alike in Italy, and his preachings were well-received. He would remain in Italy for most of his adult life.

Why is he Important?

In just 35 years of life, Saint Anthony made a number of significant contributions to Catholicism but is most notably known as the patron saint of lost things. During his lifetime, Anthony was involved in a number of scenarios in which lost things become returned. For example, Anthony’s book of psalms had been taken by a pupil of his, prompting Anthony to pray devotedly for its return. In a miraculous event, the pupil not only returned to Italy but returned the lost book as well. Saint Anthony is known to Catholics around the world as a symbol of lost people, things, and spirits

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